DIY | Fabric Face Mask

We're in an entire new world now.  Last week the CDC advised us to wear a cloth mask or some form of facial covering to help protect us and others while making a trip to the market, bank or when physical distancing is not possible. When we started the "Shelter in place" in March I knew I needed to get out my handy sewing machine and start to create cloth face masks, these are non-medical. There is a shortage of medical PPE and we want to save them for Health Care Workers.
I've used the basic Pleated Pattern from Vanderbilt University with an addition of a dart at the chin and wire at the bridge of the nose. I find it holds the mask closer to your face and you can see easier.
Here's my version of the DIY Reusable Fabric Mask that I have on the website. We're all in this together!
What you'll need:
  • Tight-weave 100% cotton fabric (i.e. quilting cotton.)
  • 100% Cotton for lining (flannel, t-shirt fabric).
  • Fusible interfacing ( I prefer Pellon light weight knit).
  • Wash and dry fabric without fragrance or dyes prior to sewing.
  • Rope Elastic, beading cord elastic will work. You may also use 1/8” flat elastic if ¼” is unavailable. I've used a wider fold over elastic here and zigzag stitched.
  • Scissors, straight pins, 20 gauge soft craft wire, thread, your handy sewing machine and iron.
One adult mask requires two (2) 9.5”x6.5” pieces tight-weave cotton and fusible interfacing
Two 7” pieces of 1/4 inch elastic or similar.

You can make two sizes: Adult (shown) or Child 7.5 x 5.
  1. Cut 1 x 9.5 x6.5  in Cotton and 1 in flannel or t-shirt  fabric. 2 x 9.5-6.5 in fusible interfacing.
  2. Prep all pieces by fusing interfacing to wrong side of pre-washed fabric.
  3. Put right sides of cotton fabric together (Be sure any fabric design is placed horizontally.)
  4. Starting  at the bottom sew across edge. Press open. Pin dart in center where marked.  Press.
  5. Pin the elastic to the edge of the bottom corner, bring the other end of the same elastic to the top corner and pin.
  6. Repeat on the other side. Now both elastic pieces should be pinned in place.
  7. Bring right sides of fabric together and pin 3 sides catching the elastic ends and leaving a 2" opening at the top seam. Stitch.
  8. Turn right side out and press sides and top.
  9. Cut craft wire to 5" and make a tiny loop at the end (helps prevent it from poking through). Slip into the 2" opening.
  10. Top stitch across the top seam to close.
  11. Push wire to the very top of seam and pin in place.
  12. Create a casing for the wire by top stitching as shown.
  13. Mark 3 tucks at on each side of the mask.  1.75" from top, then 1.5" + 1.5"
  14. Pinch and fold tuck upward approximately 1/2" . Making sure the tucks are the same direction.
  15. Top stitch 1/4" away. Press.

4. Pin dart in center for chin dart.
9. Cut 5" craft wire and form loops at ends.
9. Slip cut craft wire into opening.
12. Create casing to hold wire in place.
13. Mark tucks at 1.75" from top. then 1.5", then another 1.5"
Stay safe everyone! Xo
14. Create tucks in same direction. Pin and stitch in place.