Celebrating Women

How lucky am I to have such strong, amazing women in my life... My friends are an incredible mix of ladies and I am more than grateful to learn from them, laugh with them and grow with them.

For International Women's Day I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite women owned business. These are the creative ladies I turn to for inspiration. They each have their own unique stories and I encourage you to follow along with them in their journeys.

Top Row | Left to Right

1. Ashley owner @gritandgratitiudestudios | Inspirational & transformative Pilates fitness and health guru here in SCV. Simply, the best.

2. Kat, owner @maisononmainst | Lovely curated, home, lifestyle and gift boutique.

3. Liz, owner @mascotaestitic | Creates the best brows in Southern Cali.

Center Row

1. Mary, owner @TuckPasadena | Beautiful, elegant, casual clothing with a European flair. She knows how to dress women.

2. Diane von Furstenberg | Always an inspiration.

3. Erin, owner @WhiteFigDesigns | Creates swoon worthy florals, wreaths and events.

Bottom Row Center | Right

Michelle, owner @spritzcitybistro |  ZDC Collector, health and fitness maven.

Linda, owner @theorganickitchen | I've been following her for years! She's my go to when I need a recipe or daily inspiration on what the heck to cook for dinner! Her recipes never disappoint.

So, in celebration of you and all the women in our lives, know how incredible we all make this world of ours.  With love & gratitude for your support,  Zoé