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Option 1
1. A heavy chain necklace, preferably on the shorter side, 15-16” that will lay near your collarbone (you don’t want it flopping around). I’m using my Antique Silver Curb Chain that is 15” in length.
2. 3-5 brooches, one larger that can be the focal point, the rest in various sizes and colors. They don’t have to match… just coordinate.
Ever wonder what you to do with those lovely brooches your grandmother gave you, other than wearing them on your lapel? Well, I've got two ideas for you! Some people may think I have too much time on my hands to come up with these, believe me, I don’t.  I just like to make the most out of everything I own. So, here is a simple DIY on how to create your very own “Statement” Necklace.

Step 1.  Lay the chain flat, then fold in have to find the center.
Step 2. Taking the largest brooch weave the pin through the center link in the chain and clasp. At this point I would try it on to make sure it feels and looks right.

Step 3. Moving to the second pin, place it slightly overlapping the center pin and gauge the links you’ll need to weave it through. Usually 2 or 3 links is good.  Clasp the pin, then move on to…
Step 4. With the 3rd pin repeat step 3 on the opposite side. Weaving the brooch pin back through a few links then close the brooch. 

You can even add more...
​Now it’s time to try on your new statement necklace. I like to move a bit just to make sure it’s going to stay where I want. Make any adjustments to the balance of the brooches if you need to.  Sometimes it takes a couple of tries but what accomplishment you feel when it’s done and you can wear those gorgeous pieces!  The best part is you’re not changing the integrity if they’re vintage.

Option 2

If you don’t want a “Statement” piece and would prefer something a bit more understated this is for you.

​Using the Convertible Curb Chain with its two clasps, you can use each clasp of the necklace to pin to either side of the brooch.
​Or, weave the pin thorough a few of the links, try on, adjust for balance if you need to. Fini.  Now enjoy those gorgeous pieces! 

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