Hello June
It's been a minute hasn't it!
Since January Ron and I have been splitting our time between Stevenson Ranch and Napa, California. We've had a project of setting up a vacation home there. Needless to say I've been having a fabulous time shopping the antique, consignment and thrift shops to help adore our lovely place. I'll be sharing all my favorites to visit, shop and eat in Napa soon!
Then onto San Antonio for a culinary event, then France (always a culinary experience) with my brother John and his wife, Beth to celebrate our 30th Anniversaries! What fun to travel with them and share some of our special places to visit. Gathering inspiration for future designs and collaborating on projects along the way.  Feeling so fortunate at this time in our lives to be able to combine work and travel. 
This past month I've thoroughly enjoyed styling and creating jewelry for a few of my favorite ladies for their children's upcoming weddings.
Which brings me to PEARLS! You know I love them. One of June's birthstones are pearls.  Timeless, forever chic they will elevate whatever you are wearing. Pearls are also heirloom pieces that can be handed down for generations. Check out the new "Mismatched" pearls in the yummiest shades of blush, bronze and rosy taupe.
Most of this month I'm back in the studio and would love to see you!
Photos starting top left:
- Ron and I in the gardens at the CIA Campus, Napa. (Culinary Institute of America ). Dress from @TuckPasadena, jewelry Zoé DuFour of course.
- Style guide for a clients upcoming wedding. Designing the jewelry too!
- Mismatched Baroque Pearl Earrings  in blush hued pearls. Wear  them on hoops or slip onto a chain as a pendant. These are Limited so once the pearls are gone I may not be able to get more... so be quick and put your name on a pair.
- Bespoke Fringe Pearl Bracelet with magnetic clasp. Coming soon.
- Found an amazing artisanal florist in downtown Napa @bellevuefloralco. I love fresh flowers and when I find a fabulous florist I'll share. This bouquet lasted for two weeks! She creates gorgeous dried arrangements that you'll want to put everywhere in your home.
My goal is to continue these blog posts once a week! Fingers crossed!! I have a Summer Style Guide, Father's Day Gift Guide, Napa Sustainable and more to come.
Let summer begin!
As always, Xo Zoé

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